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well.... [Jul. 5th, 2004|09:33 pm]
yes, this is my summer pattern of updating, every other year.
anyway since i last wrote i have gotten some shit done i suppose but other then that i have just been lounging around enjoying the first summer where i actually have summer.
claude- you missing someone
me- hehe
five minutes later...
claude- where is your friend?
me- she is at camp

finishing cather and the rye and half of my short stories book

starting PSAT studying

completing drivers ed in its entirity

getting a library card (just kidding)

having regularly scheduled voice lessons w/ sandi hammond

throwing away almost all of my possesions that are not neccessary or cherished in preperation to move

drivers ed teacher giving everyone in the class a coplementry class picture, it was sooo funny

yay. bye now