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______________ [Jul. 9th, 2004|02:10 pm]
[feeling... |contentcontent]

summer is just rolling along. before we know it it will be school. yeah well my paid account expired so this probably looks like shit.
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well.... [Jul. 5th, 2004|09:33 pm]
yes, this is my summer pattern of updating, every other year.
anyway since i last wrote i have gotten some shit done i suppose but other then that i have just been lounging around enjoying the first summer where i actually have summer.
claude- you missing someone
me- hehe
five minutes later...
claude- where is your friend?
me- she is at camp

finishing cather and the rye and half of my short stories book

starting PSAT studying

completing drivers ed in its entirity

getting a library card (just kidding)

having regularly scheduled voice lessons w/ sandi hammond

throwing away almost all of my possesions that are not neccessary or cherished in preperation to move

drivers ed teacher giving everyone in the class a coplementry class picture, it was sooo funny

yay. bye now
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yeah, sorry [Jun. 28th, 2004|07:02 pm]
[feeling... |accomplishedaccomplished]
[listening... |www.wwwiii2/ the dresden dolls.]

once again a phase of not updating. these past few days I have just been dealing with the fact that it is summer. I am not used to adjusting because the past two years i have zipped off to 5 weeks of a rigid schedule the same day school got out. so this summer concept is rather new to me. anyway i have drivers ed until the end of this week and then i am done. YAYYYAYAYYAYAYA!!!!!!!

today i went to drivers ed. drove w/ drivers ed after class, went home, delivered 13 packages for amazon orders at the post office, which is insane, i am making so much money selling used crap books.
anyway then i went to the gym and then i came home and drove my mom to pick up my brother and then i talked to eliza on the phone, wrote her a letter, cleaned some. yeah. and now it is now.
for me the first real day of summer is today because it is monday and i can't start stages of my life on any other day other than monday. I need major help.

anyway. yay! summer. I have some good plans and some days where i plan to do absolutly nothing, but that is the way it should be i guess. Most people like getting to sleep late and doing nothing. but it drives me insane, i need order, i need a schedule i need something to do all the time.
if you are free, call me i will do anything!
yeah desperate.
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chili's like woah [Jun. 24th, 2004|01:23 pm]
[feeling... |cheerfulcheerful]
[listening... |this time around/ hanson (YAY)]

well i am not going to tell the whole story because you can view it in eliza's entry http://www.livejournal.com/~oheliza
but basically i will just say that we walked to chili's...enough said.

drivers ed is like hell times one thousand. but at least i will be done w/ it extremably soon.

we are seriously clinically insane. but adventerous first day of summer.

oh yeah, last night we went swimming , that was fun.
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NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!! [Jun. 23rd, 2004|02:06 pm]
[feeling... |happyhappy]
[listening... |penny and me/ hanson (HAHAHHAHAHHA)]

yay!!!!!, school is over. I can't believe it is summmmmmmmer!!!!!

we (me and people in my grade) are juniors, how weird is that. that means i am going to have to learn how to spell juniors. Damn.
today was quite fun and funny.

just got back from lunch (don't ask where) and now i have to go to my frist driver's education class. yippeee.
i am really excited.
then off to partay.
something about summer makes me miss sacred people more then usual. maybe it is because they are all so pale or bearded that they remind me of winter.

good day to all.

COMMENT PEOPLE!!! i feel lonely.

also i forgot to post to the link to my site http://shirassite.tripod.com/
the only pages really to look at are Moi and friends, if you don't know who newspaper boy is don't try to access "sacred pretty" and please don't ask me for the password because chances are i really love you alot bu you still can't see the page.

also ummmm.... whwat.

oh yeah, i wanted ashley to get my drama award but she didn't
her punishment; this weekend i am going to make her come see a horribly boring movie with me.

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long time/ how` [Jun. 22nd, 2004|04:48 pm]
[feeling... |excitedexcited]
[listening... |Penny and me/ hanson]

its been a long time.....

yes yes, i thought i should update before eliza leaves for jesus camp so that she doesn't remember me as the girl who didn't update her livejournal, that would be a sad memory.
I won't try to explain all the things that happened (aka nothing)
today was the last day of finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!
tomorrow shall be fun in a bucket.

right now i am doing a strand test of the new hair color. I am doing a strand test because i am bored but don't have time to actually dye my hair and also because i am a bit apprehensive about this color.

tomorrow is the last day of schoool, what else is there to say,
life is good.
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hothothot [Jun. 9th, 2004|09:16 pm]
[feeling... |hothot]
[listening... |thunder!!! yay!!!]

i hate it. i hate when it is sufficating (sp?) ly hot. it makes me feel all clamy and disguisting.
I forgot my folders today so i had to walk back some.
supposidly I m close to getting an n in all my classes.

the talent show was the funniest thing in the world (see eliza's pictures).
yayayayayya. school is almost over.

gonna take a ride in my escalade, roll all night in my escalade, got booze in the trunk in my escalade, a bitch on my junk in my escalade.
"my escalade, my escalade"

yeah, uh uh uh.
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longtime... [Jun. 7th, 2004|02:36 pm]
[feeling... |sicksick]
[listening... |....]

i havn't updated in a while cuz things have just been too complicated and annoying to explain. let's see what has happened. well saturday went to mia's house w/ lauren to work on our tv project which was fun but i am sure it is going to suck because we shot it all in like 3 hours and it is funny but i don't think we will get a good grade.

saturday night was awesome. Saw a special someone out of the blew downtown. I really can't believe that, it was like, just sureal. then we went to bertucci's and then to spring jam which was hilarious.

sunday i was sick (slightly) had voice concert which was difficult due to the fact that i was sick. then a funny thing happened, cecey acted as though we had never gotten in a fight and invited me to go to "on the border" with them which was hilarious and fun and strange. i will miss pei-chun who played harry potter, unfortunatly after eliza left.

today was woke up at 3:00 in the morning really really sick and didn't go back to bed for an hour and then woke up again at 6:30 even sicker and since then i havn't done anything except watch bad tv shows and blow my nose till it is red. my face is purple, and the floor is covered in tissues. I wish i had a good movie of some sort.

(after giving him his wand {want})
Mr. Ollivander: I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you.
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one hellofa [Jun. 2nd, 2004|06:20 pm]
[feeling... |exhaustedexhausted]
[listening... |all that jazz/ chicago (getting ready for voice thing)]

7:54- french exchange interview
8:05- walk home
10:10- walk to school

awesomeness of that.

nose: wy894q
elbow: szahgyui8rea
tongue: shira
chin: shg8ifrda
feet: shirfa (i'm awesome)
eyes closed and one finger: shudz
back of my hand: shira
palm: shira

it rained, it was dark, it was sunny, it was warm, it rained, it was cold, this is really really messed up.

i love you ashley, i hope this gets figured out.

not looking foward to sunday mainly because i am depressed about anything invoving the dreaded cecey.

thursday already. (meaning tomorrow will be thursday) yay. 2.5 weeks left of HIGH SCHOOL!!

i mean 10th grade. shoot me.

have fun in the rain little hobbits of lhs.
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kite day [Jun. 1st, 2004|04:15 pm]
today was as bland as a rice cracker (unsalted)


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